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Ellen Hamilton

12.05.2022 08:56

Sorry gave you a wrong name,


17.05.2022 00:02

Sorry Ellen, a lot on my mind - posting a colour price list today - cheers

Ellen Hamilton

12.05.2022 08:54

Hello Janet,
Could I have a copy of your catalogue please. Address is 10 Acacia Ave, Forbes 2871

Janet pappin

28.04.2022 08:15

Hi was wondering if you had a catalogue please


08.05.2022 09:20

Hi Janet I have just spotted your message - I will email
You and if you could please let me know your postal address I will send one through Annette

Shelley Williamson

20.04.2022 13:53

This is my address - can I pay for postage?
8 Colville Street, Port Albert 3971. VIC. One again thank you xx

Riverina iris Farm Annette Tenbroeke

21.04.2022 03:12

My Pleasure Shelley - no need to pay postage. Will be interesting to see if you have any luck with the seeds Best wishes Annette

Shelley Williamson

20.04.2022 13:50

G’day Annette. Thanks soooooo much for being so kind as to send some Magnolia seeds to me. Huge surprise! I’ve just seen ur site…. Whoa, you are one lucky girl. I love just about everything you have.


26.04.2022 23:31

Hi Shelley your seeds are on their way A

Riverina iris Farm Annette Tenbroeke

21.04.2022 03:13

Lucky True - but also hard work looking after so many iris and daylily plants plus everything else - got to love the great outdoors !!

Elizabeth Blucher

18.03.2022 04:07

Hi Annette,
Can’t find how to pay for my order.
Is it this weekend we collect the order?
Elizabeth Blucher

Moore Melonie

19.10.2021 03:04

Can I buy some bulbs please

Riverina iris Farm Annette Tenbroeke

22.10.2021 19:22

Hello Melonie
You can send me you address for a hard copy or you can go to the Tall section of the online shop and order from there. Hope this helps

Gayle Kennedy

17.10.2021 22:42

Please add my name to your mailing list


17.10.2021 23:10

Hello Gayle, I am sending you an email -please reply to this with your postal address - posting them today

Margaret Minchin

09.10.2021 10:46

Hello Annette. I am slowly settling in to our new house and tiny garden--had to leave a lot of your beautiful irises at our old garden. Could you please mail me a catalogue of your bearded irises?

Rita heard . 6 Ryan Ave Mt Gambier SA 5290.

09.10.2021 09:19

Janet Spring recommended you for me to ask if you could send me a catalogue please of your beautiful bearded iris.


29.09.2021 23:49

Can you please post me a cataloque thanks in the mail ?


29.09.2021 23:54

Would be my Pleasure - sending an email A

Christine Corner

23.09.2021 11:35

Could I please have a copy of yoyr catalogue? Thankyou

Riverina iris Farm Annette Tenbroeke

23.09.2021 19:41

Hi Christine, I have emailed you - if you can send my your address I will post one soon - best wishes Annette

Martin Attard

19.07.2021 05:14

Hello, I have looked at your online catalog but the ones I was looking for are already SOLD OUT, I've missed the bus, so when is the best time to order? Thank you love your selection! Martin

Patricia Morgan

05.07.2021 06:32

can you send me your beautiful catalogue please


05.07.2021 09:27

Hi Patricia, I will email you - if you can send my your address I will post one - best wishes Annette

Martin Attard

11.06.2021 05:05

Hi would it be possible if you could send me your Iris catalogue?


11.06.2021 10:19

Certainly Martin, I will email you

Julieanne Culley

27.03.2021 04:50

Hello Annette, my oldest friend is visiting for a few days and is an avid gardener and garden lover. Is it possible for her to visit on Tuesday 30th March 2021, next week please?

Alana Huguenin

16.02.2021 07:52

Hi Annette, I have a few plants to collect. Would it be possible to pick them up Wed 10th March , as I have holidays then

Alana Huguenin

16.02.2021 21:25

Great will let you know a time cloer to date 🤗


16.02.2021 09:21

Certainly Alana, I will put it in my diary - after lunch sometime if that suits Annette

Margaret davidson

13.11.2020 09:12

I am interested in buying Bearded Iris. Would be interested in a catalogue if you would send by email.


13.11.2020 10:18

Hi Margaret ~ can you email me your postal address ? I will post one out to you A

Catherine Bucci

30.10.2020 03:29

Hi Annette, wondering if I could visit your iris farm, here this afternoon and tomorrow morning only. Ist time in Wagga, please send address if yes.
Many thanks

Riverina Iris tenbroeke , Annette

30.10.2020 19:41

Hello Catherine, I have just spotted your message - you would be very welcome to visit today Cheers Annette

Jo hartshorn

28.10.2020 07:13

If we want to order some have we have to do it soon

Riverina iris Farm Annette Tenbroeke

30.10.2020 19:43

Hello Jo, I have a lot of orders and many varieties are sold out for this season - if you wish to order please do so soon

Coral Firman

25.10.2020 06:02

Hi Annette just wondering if I could come and look at your Irises and purchase some. Could you please send me your address and your opening days.
Kindest regards


25.10.2020 11:08

You would be very welcome.
We are open daily until 1st of Nov and then I go back to work. We will open on the weekend of the 7th Nov though there will be less iris out.


18.10.2020 10:19

Hello Larraine, u will be very welcome - please nominate a time - Thursday in pretty busy. I sent an enail


18.10.2020 09:30

Hi Annette. I would love to come see n buy some iris. Would any day this week be okay. I will be coming from Yass.. I am particularly interested in a distinct red iris. Thanku Larraine


11.10.2020 21:08

thank you everyone for your enquiries. the Online catalogue is on the website. If you select the tall iris tab up the top an alphabetical list will appear across the top - 4 help 0432777142


11.10.2020 15:43

please add me to yr list fir catalogue..thankyou.

Susan Hillier

11.10.2020 12:21

Can l please have an on line caterlog

Suzanne Graham

11.10.2020 15:43

Would love to have an online catalogue thanks

Lisa Saffery

11.10.2020 10:33

Please can you send me a catalogue. Thanks

Marlene olver

11.10.2020 09:41

Hi could I get a online catalogue please


11.10.2020 08:44

Hi Annette, any chance of getting a catalogue 😊 thanx for your time

Betty Ricon

07.10.2020 09:22

Would love to get an online catalogue and looking forward to visit the farm soon.


08.10.2020 21:14

Hi Betty - send me through your address and I will post a full colour price list cheers


06.10.2020 10:10

Hi Suzi, you certainly are - you should get the list before the weekend - best wishes Annette

Suzi Sharam

06.10.2020 09:21

Hi Annette. I’m hoping I am still on the mailing list for a catalogue and price list. I can’t believe my blooms have been in 18 mths already. This year they are stunning. Thank you so much.

Laura Cralle

03.10.2020 07:20

Please send me a catalog.


03.10.2020 13:57

Hello Laura, I will send you an email - please reply with your postal address - they are ready to send out Cheers

Bev Heyman

29.09.2020 10:26

I would love a price list please.

Heather Flynn

29.09.2020 08:00

Would love a list/brochure too please


29.09.2020 04:00

Hello everyone - I am emailing you so you can reply with your postal address - that way I can send a hard copy price list. Annette

Rosalyn ward

29.09.2020 03:31

Hello I would love to have a list.


29.09.2020 01:01

Would love a brochure please.

Kym maslin

28.09.2020 23:35

My i have price list and broacher

Julieanne Jeffries

28.09.2020 21:45

Could you please send me a brochure and price list. Thank you.


28.09.2020 20:58

Would love a brochure and price list please 🙂


23.08.2020 14:15

Could u please send me a brochure please 🙂


23.08.2020 14:30

Certainly Jen- I will email u

r christie

22.05.2020 11:12

seeking tall bearded iris Baloo


22.05.2020 11:22

I am sorry I do not have that one - I will let u know if I see it elsewhere

Amanda Beilby

12.05.2020 01:26

Hi. Would you have Iris gracilipes available? I have been trying to find it in Australia. Thanks. Regards Amanda

Annette Tenbroeke

12.05.2020 21:40

Hi Amanda, Sorry I don't have however Woodbridge Nursery <> has special iris like this - maybe try them? Annette

Sharron McGuinness

11.05.2020 08:34

Hi Annette I would love the next catalogue please

Annette Tenbroeke

12.05.2020 10:44

Hi Sharon, I will check to see if I have your address already

Craig harris

19.04.2020 03:06

Where about in Wagga are you are you open to the public


19.04.2020 03:28

Hello Craig, thNk u for asking - we are at Lake Albert and open during flowering.
I will send you an email Annette


06.11.2019 05:02

Hi, do you ship to the u.s.? I absolutely love the iris called “seasons of the sun”. Can’t find anything like it anywhere else online. I’d love to purchase some.


08.11.2019 22:04

Hi Joey - sorry -sent you an email of where you may be able to get Seasons of the Sun in the US

Julie. Shepheard

04.11.2019 09:10

Thanks for your response Annette, I shall call you See what time next Saturday is a good time to call out thanks

Julie Shepheard

03.11.2019 12:49

Hi Annette, Julie Shepheard here from Lake Albert, you very kindly sent me your new catALOGUE and invitation to your open days ending today the 3rd of November and yes just my luck I have missed your


03.11.2019 22:38

Hi Julie, I have a colour listing you can choose from and I I’ll be there on Saturday next weekend - back to work today

Margaret FitzGerald

01.11.2019 01:05

Could you please send me your catalogue my address is 76 Gooda Street, Tongala 3621

Annette Tenbroeke

01.11.2019 03:02

Hello Margaret, thanks for asking for a catalogue I will post it today and remove your address from the website Best wishes Annette

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26.11 | 22:37

Hi Tracy, yes I am open the first 2 weekend in December - mainly for Daylilies however I have lots of purple iris and a full colour list you can look at - c u soon Annette

26.11 | 22:32

Hi Annette, I have only found your beautiful farm. I might be late but do you have any purple iris. Is your farm open on weekends. Thanks heaps.

12.11 | 12:05

Hi Gloria, I will send you an email - best wishes Annette

12.11 | 12:04

Hello Wren
I will email you - if you want to send a wish list just reply to the email - You cant really do this on the website. Cheers Annette