Beardless Iris (inc Water Iris)

We have a few different types of beardless irises. Some like damp conditions or ponds such as the Louisiana and Japanese Iris. Others grow happily in normal garden conditions.

To learn more about the requirements of many of the different iris cultivars there is helpful information for Australian conditions on The Iris Society of Australia website.

Planet Max
Customer feedback: Thank you very much for the iris plants. You have been very generous in that I have 15 instead of the 11 ordered. They all have great roots and are the best that I have ever had via online ordering.

Louisiana Irises

Louisiana Iris are water loving irises native to the Louisiana swamps in the United States. They are known as bog iris indicating they like damp conditions or shallow ponds.

We have some very special Louisianas from a leading breeder, Peter Jackson from South Australia. Typically they flower from late October. 

Japanese Irises

We have a small number of Japanese Iris - these die back over winter and need to be taken out of the water until they shoot again in about August. They are best divided in winter. They are finer leafed and more delicate than the our other "water irises".

Iris laevigata "Colchesterensis"

This is a superb water loving form of the Iris laevigata species. 

It has gorgeous white flowers, heavily painted in deepest navy blue. They can be grown in ordinary garden conditions but are outstanding in damp or wet soils or in ponds.

Other Water Irises

These beardless iris also love wet conditions.

Siberian Irises

This little Siberian Iris brings something different to the garden. It is grown in normal garden conditions and it dies back in Winter. We have only one colour available at this stage - others will be available in a year or 2.