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With so many varieties it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose. An extremely popular option is the "Annie's Pick" Collections.

For a discounted price I put together a mixed collection for you. If you tell me colours you particularly like or dislike I can work your collection around this. If you like you can ask for a collection with tall bearded irises and dwarfs or daylilies.

Bearded Irises

Iris flowering starts with the Dwarf Iris at the end of September, followed by the Intermediates and very early Tall Bearded Iris flowering in limited numbers in early October. The peak bloom season for Tall Bearded Iris is mid-October to the end of October with a relatively small number flowering up until mid-November. 

They require as close to full sun as you can get, good drainage, minimal water though some watering over summer helps them thrive. They do best with addition of low nitrogen fertiliser and like being relatively weed free. They do not like mulch.

With about 1400 varieties there are plenty to choose from however the newer varieties and the most popular colours or those stunning on an open day sell out quickly.

Planet Max
Customer feedback: Thank you very much for the iris plants. You have been very generous in that I have 15 instead of the 11 ordered. They all have great roots and are the best that I have ever had via online ordering.

Beardless Iris including "Water Iris"

We have a few different types of Beardless Irises that prefer damp or wet conditions. 

We have some very special Louisianas, a few Japanese Iris and some other un-named iris.

We have started collecting Siberian Iris and Walking Iris to create some other interesting options


We fell in love with Daylilies as an option to give us colour in the garden over summer. These stunning plants are easy to grow though their requirements are a little different to irises. They have a few different types - minatures, beautiful big singles, doubles and spiders. 

The name daylily is unfortunate as it implies they don't flower much - each stalk can have many flowers which come out over several weeks. 

Unfortunately the daylilies will not be in flower in October however we will have some available in pots. To view them in flower please visit in early December, see the Events page.

Other Products

We sell a limited number of other products. Mostly plants that we love in our garden such as Cannas, Red Hot Pokers, Chinese Ground Orchids and bulbs such as, Liliums, Alliums, Jonquils and a few Calla, Jacobean and Pineapple lilies. 

We can provide gift vouchers for whatever value you choose.

We produce a handy calendar each year that makes a great gift.