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Flauntress - Tall Bearded Iris
Mary and Annette

Our Story

Our iris garden is on the eastern edge of Wagga Wagga and was started in 2013, inspired by my Mum's love of Tall Bearded Irises. We started with a small collection in our front yard for her 80th birthday.

Visitors were so impressed I was encourage to expand and it did not take long for me to become hooked and the decision was made to turn a hobby into a business and to turn our cow paddock into iris beds. The first display beds for saleable iris were established in March 2014.

Over the last 10 years we have collected almost 1500 iris varieties in every colour including many new releases. The irises are laid out in alphabetical beds. The majority are Tall Bearded Irises with a small selection of Intermediate and Dwarf Irises and a few unusual varieties including water irises. We grow the daylilies in our inside garden rather than in the paddock so they are a bit more protected. 

Our aim is to grow plants that are relatively easy care and that cope with the sometimes harsh environment of Inland NSW. Each year we add something new of interest. In 2022 we added several ponds for "water irises" mainly Louisianas. We have grown many bulbs scattered amongst the daylily and iris beds to give us flowers most of the year. 

Our Open Garden season is an exciting time when we share what we have created with our visitors and give them the opportunity to choose from what they see and place an order. If you can visit you will be very welcome.

Annette and Mary tenBroeke

Growing Bearded Iris

Irises are extremely hardy given the correct conditions.  

There are a few basic rules that you need to keep in mind:

  1. most types prefer full sun or at least a lot of sun - flowering will be reduced if they don't have enough sun.
  2. good drainage is essential for Bearded Iris - they grow from rhizomes and they can rot if they are wet for too long.
  3. dividing most irises is essential as the clumps can get over crowded and this reduces their ability to flower well. Keep in mind the mother rhizomes that flower never flower again and they then make babies to replace themselves.
  4. general care involves fertilising with a low nitrogen fertiliser, minimal watering and good weed control as they are not keen on competition.
  5. they do not like mulch as it can cause rot of the rhizomes.
  6. do not trim back healthy leaves unless you are dividing as the healthy leaves feed the rhizomes.
Ruby Vision - Louisiana iris

Louisiana Irises require different conditions to Bearded Irises.

Growing Daylilies

Daylilies are also hardy but prefer different conditions.

1) they like a good amount of sun but probably prefer part shade especially in the hottest part of the day

2) they like a bit more water than irises, are heavier feeders and they like mulch

3) they also like good drainage but are more tolerant than irises.

Double Impact - a Double daylily

Iris Societies

You may not know there are both regional and an Australian Iris Society.

The Iris Society of Australia is the umbrella organisation and it produces a wonderful YearBook and maintains an informative website.

Visit the website to read about different types of iris, growing instructions, hybridising and registering irises as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

There are also Regional Iris Societies that meet regularly, run iris shows in spring and take turns to host the Australian Iris Convention. Our closest society is the Inland Region which has its own website. The Inland Region will host the 2024 Australian Iris Convention. For details of when the convention will visit us please check our Events page later when times are firmed up.

Tall Bearded Iris

International Database

There are more than 60,000 Tall Bearded Iris varieties and a lot of other types as well.

The IRIS ENCYCLOPEDIA (wiki) of the American Iris Society lists all the registered varieties and their breeding details, year of release and photographs. It also has growing information but mostly for USA conditions.

Customer feedback

Many customers have commented on the website and after they have received their orders. We take great pride in our customer service so please let us know of the arrival of your order and if you have a problem.

Hi Annette, I have only found your beautiful farm. I might be late but do you have any purple iris. Is your farm open on weekends. Thanks heaps.  Reply: Hi , yes I am open the first 2 weekends in December - mainly for Daylilies however I have lots of purple iris and a full colour list you can look at - c u soon Annette

Hi Annette. I purchased a number of irises. They have not flowered yet and I can't remember what they look like. I don't want to double up on colours. Do you have a complete on-line photo gallery?  Reply:  Hi  I have sent you photos of the ones you ordered I hope that helps. 

Congratulations Annette. terrific website. Will write to you. Nancye

I received your lovely calendar in the mail today, which was so thoughtful and needed as I haven't bought one yet it's almost like you new . My Irises that you sent me in November are thriving and have doubled in size already I would like to Thank You Annette and Mary for all your help and patience with my order as well as such a speedy delivery of my Irises, they all arrived in perfect condition and seem to be adapting to Victoria's climate quite well. Paula