To make it easy for purchasers we provide several ordering and payment options.

The Online Shop lists the varieties we have and you can order using this system. We will also accept orders by email, phone or by post or at the open days. Please be aware the most popular varieties sell out very quickly.  Request a full colour hard-copy price list or a pdf version of the list by emailing annette.tenbroeke@bigpond.com.

Please read the Payment options to find out how to pay for your order.

GST is included in all prices and the term VAT following prices equals GST. If at all unsure please Contact us.

Special arrangement must be made for Tasmania and Western Australia due to the requirements for entry into these states. There are additional charges and special shipment times.

Check the Postage section to see the rate of postage for each order size that will be added to your order total.

Payment Options

Whether you order through the Online Shop or when visiting we can accept payment by cash, direct debit, credit card or a PayPal invoice can be arranged (Credit card and PayPal are not automatic but can be organised). Please discuss payment options with us so we can make satisfactory arrangements.

Orders will not be secured or dug until payments are processed. You need to indicate if the order is to be picked up or if postage and insurance is to be added. Choose the appropriate option at Checkout in the Online Shop.

As always there is a limited number of rhizomes of each variety. If you require several rhizomes of the same variety please check with us the availability before ordering. If varieties are out of stock when you order we will substitute with the nearest colour and a similar price unless you have listed a number of preferred substitutes. Please indicate if you would prefer to have your money refunded.

Delivery Times

Unless you request otherwise orders will be supplied in order of receipt with delivery from March onwards. Irises can be established at any time however it is more challenging establishing them in the heat of summer and in the cold winter months. It is not ideal digging during the flowering season. Hence, our preferred time to supply is March to May. 

If you want your order to be processed before March please indicate this on your order or give us a call. A limited number of orders are dug before Christmas - especially if they are Christmas gifts. We do not post after 10th of December to avoid delays due to Christmas. See dates below for local pick-up times. 

March Pick-up Days

Customers who live locally are welcome to pick-up on farm to save postage costs. A weekend has been set aside on 16th and 17th March 2024 for pick-up of local iris orders. If you have only ordered daylilies these will be available in April.

Customers will be sent an invitation to pick-up with their special order number.  

Postal Orders

Only a very limited number of plants will be available at the open gardens. Orders to be posted will be insured and sent express post so they will have a tracking number.

Postage and handling for NSW, QLD, VIC and SA Orders:

  1. Allow $17 for smaller orders (6 or less talls and 10 Dwarfs, or 5 daylilies)
  2. Allow $25 for medium orders (7 to 25 rhizomes, up to 16 daylilies)
  3. Allow $35 for larger orders.
  4. Note: Postage is the same for Western Australia and Tasmania however there is an additional cost for the required Plant Health Certificate.
  5. Note: We can fit less daylilies in a bag.

We prefer to post to states other than NSW on Mondays and NSW on Tuesdays giving your plants the best chance of arriving before the next weekend. 
I appreciate you letting us know they have arrived safely as we have had parcels stolen, lost or taking 3 weeks instead of 3 days and arriving is an unsatisfactory state.

Desert Etchings - Lousiana

Special Arrangement - Tasmania and WA

We can sell into Tasmania and WA however there are strict requirements to have plants treated with three chemicals under DPI supervision so orders will be held until there is a group to be treated and sent at once, usually in late Feburary - early March.

I will keep you informed of progress towards a batch being ready. Additional charges will apply - (approx $35 per order). Choose the appropriate option to add this cost before you go to the Checkout in the Online Shop.

It has come to our attention that the WA authorities can stop and open some parcels and this costs at least $65 per parcel.

Of all the orders I have sent only 2 have been stopped. Techincally, this is the responsibility of the purchaser however if there are enough WA orders we may be able to help subsidise this cost if you are unlucky enough to have this happen to your order. Please ask.