COVID Restrictions

COVID restrictions

Covid restrictions have been eased now so we just ask you take reasonable responsibility given my Mum lives with me here and she is now 91 and so far we have both avoided COVID.

We really hope visitors are fully vaccinated for the flu and Covid to protect our family. We CANNOT allow anyone who is showing flu like symptoms to visit. Please delay your visit if you are unwell.

We will be able to offer morning and afternoon teas again to support our favourite charity.

We have limited rest room facilities with only one disabled toilet available. There are Public Toilets in Lake Albert (at the intersection of Eastlake Drive and Lake Street).

Most of the following are now "not required" however they serve as useful guidelines.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who we believe puts our family and other guests at risk. Regrettably, anyone who cannot follow the requirements will be asked to leave. Visitors are requested to sign in, preferably with the QR Code and we prefer you wear a mask when ordering. Not necessary while in the iris plots.

Procedures we will have in place for everyone’s protection are:

All visitors need to ring and book an appointment slot. Visitors entry times will be staggered to avoid congestion.

We request all visitors sign in on entry with a QR Code or a contact phone number.

The social distancing and mask rules must be followed. 

We would request you where a mask when you approach the place where you can order.