Other Products

Chinese Ground Orchids

This cute little plant flowers at iris flowering time. In response to customer requests, there will be some available in pots at the Open Days. They are great in pots or in a shelterd position in the garden.

Cannas and Callas 

We have a few different coloured Canna and Calla Lilies. 

The Cannas are big space fillers with stunning bright flowers over late spring and summer. Their foliage mostly dies back with a big frost but they come again in Spring.

Calla Lillies also die back and make great cut flowers and they too multiply quickly. Their often spotty foilage is interesting in the garden.

Alliums and Jacobeans

Alliums are interesting plants growing among the Daylilies and there will be some available in pots at the Open Days.

Jacobean Lilies are another stunning bulb.  Enjoy the blooms in the garden or they can be picked to enjoy in a vase inside.

Red Hot Pokers and Jonquils

We sell a limited number of other products that we love in our garden such as Red Hot Pokers and Jonquils (Not suitable for posting.)

Red hot pokers give a beautiful splash of colour in winter and they form large clumps. Jonquils also flower in winter bringing brightness to the winter garden.

Liliums and Pineapple Lillies

We love Liliums and we have them scattered though the Daylily beds.  We will have a few available in pots or if you are local we can order them in for you when we order our own each year.

Pineapple Lillies have lovely flowers that look great in the garden for a few weeks and they multiply up quickly too. We have only 2 colours and will have a few in pots at the open gardens.

Lilium collection

Gift Vouchers and Calendars

We can provide gift vouchers for whatever value you choose giving the recipient the opportunity to choose for themselves.

We produce a handy calendar each year that makes a great gift.