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Annette Tenbroeke

30.10.2019 21:45

hi Ken,thanks for asking for a catalogue I will post it today and remove your address from the website Cheers Annette

Deanne schaefer

25.10.2019 03:31

Could I please get a catalogue sent to me and do you have open days. Would love to see the flowers in bloom


25.10.2019 04:04

Hello Dianne, it would be my pleasure to send a catalogue please message or email me your postal address 0432777142 we are open every day until the 3rd of November when I have to go back to work A


21.10.2019 06:31

Hello, are you able to send me a catalogue please?. Many thanks


25.10.2019 04:02

it would be my pleasure Ann - please message or email me your postal address 0432777142

Janelle Bray

16.10.2019 06:19

Could I please get a catalogue when available


16.10.2019 06:27

it would be my pleasure Janelle - please message or email me your postal address 0432777142

Eileen Rogerson

16.10.2019 00:01

Would you please send me a catalogue.. just love the variety of iris.. thankyou..


17.10.2019 18:25

Hi Eileen, can you please let me know your postal address so I can send one - cheers A

Sharon Chugg

11.10.2019 01:30

Hi, will you be shipping to Tasmania? If so can I please order a catalogue when ready.


16.10.2019 06:29

it would be my pleasure to send a catalogue -Sharon- - I ship to Tas once a year - please message or email me your postal address 0432777142

Anne Gammon

06.10.2019 07:18

Could I please get a copy of your catalogue and price list

Christine Hillier

02.10.2019 22:41

Could i please be sent a catalogue and updates on open days etc .
Many thanks , Chris


03.10.2019 06:00

Hello Christine, if you email me your address I can post one in about 10 days - still making it - don’t put address on here

Jeanette Richens

17.09.2019 07:58

Jeanette Richens

Jeanette Richens

17.09.2019 07:57

Hi Annette, my email address is below, can you please send me a catalogue

Jeanette Richens

14.09.2019 04:38

Hi Annette is it to late to get irises mailed out
Your irises are gorgeous
Thank you
Jeanette Richens


17.09.2019 02:03

Hi again, if you email me your address I will send you an invite to our open days. if you cant come I can send a colour catalogue Cheers Annette

Jeanette Richens

15.09.2019 23:05

Hi Annette, I'm from Young NSW

Annette Tenbroeke

14.09.2019 09:45

Hello Jeanette, they can be moved at any time however they are unlikely to flower this season. Where are you located? A

Karen Heness

13.09.2019 21:49

Hi Annette, I would love to see your iris and daylily list. I have a new address,will text it privately. How are the daylilies doing that you bought from me?

Annette Tenbroeke

14.09.2019 09:44

Hello Karen, I will have a list in a couple of weeks and I will post out as soon as available - your daylilies are doing well. A

Jocylen Young

28.03.2019 08:56

Hi Annette,
What month to pick up my order daylilies all paid,please email or txt


28.03.2019 22:41

They will be available next weekend the 6th - have just finished the iris orders, Cheers


01.11.2018 11:08

Hi Jenny - I can send a catalogue or better still you could come and see them for real - I understand if you can't. A

Jenny gow

01.11.2018 08:42

Sorry I missed your message my address is 21 Broad Street Wagga wagga

Mary Arday

27.10.2018 09:04

Visited your website, but the catalogue doesn't open.
Possible to send me a catalogue please?

Annette Tenbroeke

30.10.2018 18:59

Hello Mary, just following up - please email me your address so I can send catalogue.

Annette Tenbroeke

27.10.2018 18:55

Hello Mary - i can send you catalogue - please call me 0432777142 Annette

Barb Moorhead

Love your irises. Could you please email me a catalogue?


11.10.2018 19:54

17.10.2018 12:38

Hi Barb - the way I have done it I can't email it - i can post it if you message me your address

Bec Busby

10.10.2018 21:36

Hi Annette.
I would love a cataligue and to be kept up to date with happenings and sales. My irises are doing splendidly in this harsh environment with limited soil on rock in Baranduda. I need more!


17.10.2018 12:41

Hello Bec - I am sending out catalogues this week & would love to send one - I will need your postal address /?

M Orel

10.10.2018 02:20

I would like to order two calendars please

Annette Tenbroeke

30.10.2018 18:56

Hello - I am just following up - you wanted to order 2 calendars however have not emailed me your address - will I need to post them?


17.10.2018 12:39

It would be my pleasure - where are you located - can you pick up or will I post them - I would need an address?

Jenny Gow

07.10.2018 06:51

Could u please email me a catalogue - your iris are amazing. Jenny

Annette Tenbroeke

30.10.2018 18:57

Hello Jenny, just following up - please email me your address so I can send catalogue


17.10.2018 12:42

Hi Jenny, I am sending out catalogues this week & would love to send one - I will need your postal address ?


04.09.2018 06:44

Hi Trish , I have been trying to contact you re your request - please call me 0432777142 annette

Trish Sartor

31.08.2018 09:49

Hi , am wondering if you're open next wed 5th sep as we're looking at buying some Iris's

Annette Tenbroeke

31.08.2018 13:19

Hello Trish - I have emailed you - can you please give me a call Annette

Reg steff

30.07.2018 06:23

Hi can I get a catalogue sent out to me please


17.10.2018 12:43

Hi Reg, I am sending out catalogues this week & would love to send one - I will need your postal address /?


30.07.2018 07:21

Hello Reg, I will print one in September And I would love to send you one - email your address to

Jeanne Dyson

28.03.2018 00:48

Hi Annette, I'm trying to find someone who sells TB "Chasing Rainbows" Do you sell it and do you have a catalogue I can download or you could send me of all that you sell please? Thank you.


28.03.2018 13:00

Hi again, also look in Group C - the best rhizomes came from Group C this year - must have given them more water - Annette

Jeanne Dyson

28.03.2018 04:57

Okay Annette. I'll try looking through the group B's and see what I'd like. Thank you.


28.03.2018 04:51

Jeanne, Hello again, if you can not look at the on-lin cataogue please send me your postal details and i will post a list to you Annette


28.03.2018 02:18

Hello Jeanne, I do sell Chasing Rainbows - I am not sure if there would be a decent rhizome left at the end of the season. My catalogue is online. Just click on groups b and the letters.

Tracy 5

27.01.2018 01:04

Hi I've just found your page and was wondering if you were able to help me find an iris I've been looking for for a while. My Mum found a picture of a white / green Louisiana Iris named Helen Naish.


28.01.2018 00:51

John Taylor's niece runs Rainbow Ridge Nursery - - Sharon may know.


28.01.2018 00:49

A reply: I used to have LA HELEN NAISH years ago it was registered in 1979, hybridized by John Taylor.I suspect it may not be around anymore as no nurseries list in Australia


27.01.2018 14:13

Hello Tracy - I don't have Louisianas however I will put your message on the Australian Iris Lovers Facebook page and see if anyone can help. Annette

Dianne Adams

09.01.2018 07:54

I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to look at them . My mother has just passed and I have been busy .


09.01.2018 08:28

I am so sorry to hear this news Dianne - a very tough time for u. My mum was v I’ll last year and we were lucky she pulled through so I really feel for u at this time. Take care A

Dianne Adams

31.12.2017 10:31

How do I order Iris from you

Annette Riverina Iris

09.01.2018 02:50

Hello Dianne
Wondering if you were able to chose some iris you like and if i can help you with an order ? Annette 0432777142


31.12.2017 10:42

Hello Dianne - you can click on those you like or send me a list - my mobile phone is 0432777142 - I can't see you contact details on here so best you message me rather that writing them here. Annette

Denise Keatley

26.12.2017 23:17

Can I please have an invoice for a selection of your choice any colours strong ones the better


27.12.2017 00:11

Hello Denise - will do - I will need your postal address to complete the order but don't post it here. Can you message me on the mobile? Thank you for your order Annette 0432777142?


12.10.2016 13:32

How much to entry ?


12.10.2016 23:10

Hello Vivian
Entry is free - we do morning and afternoon tea by donation on the weekend & for groups mid-week. Would love to see you. Annette

Sue Perkins

11.10.2016 01:06

I am organising a visit to Victorian gardens for a group of members of The Cottage Garden Club in Sydney and we will be in your area on Wednesday, 2 November. We would love to visit your garden.


11.10.2016 02:29

Hi Sue
I Would love to have you come and visit - if you could give me an approximate time or call to discuss that would be great as i have another commitment i need to work around. Annette


11.10.2016 01:59

Please call me 0432777142

Michelle Borland

08.10.2016 13:41

Hi. Just wanting to confirm that you will be open this Saturday 15 October? What time do you open? Have just discovered your amazing farm on Facebook and am bringing my mother to see your beautiful ga


08.10.2016 13:56

Hello Michelle - Thank you - definitely open on 15th & there should be a lot out by then - lots of buds just waiting for sunshine. Open @ 10 am and have continuous morning tea on the verandah. A

Alice De Marco

07.10.2016 08:32

Hello Annette...could I please order the following for your March delivery...1 Wearing Rubies....1 Mandolin Wind...1 ..Calling...1Love Comes...1Love Actually....1Spring Parasol...1Shine....1Kaligazan.


07.10.2016 12:19

Certainly Alice - please let me know your email address, postal address and phone Wearing Rubies $10 Mandolin Wind Calling$12 Love Comes$10 Love Actually $10 Spring Parasol$9 Shine$ 8 Kaligazan$10 A

Maree elliott

05.10.2016 13:43

Hi do u mail to qld kind regards maree


05.10.2016 14:45

Hi Maree, yes I do - I sent a couple of orders to qld last season. Let me know if u need assistance with the website A🍀

Michael Culpin

18.09.2016 23:51

We are interested in buying some iris bulbs


19.09.2016 05:52

Hello Michael, I would be very happy for you to buy some or come and visit - how can I help you? If you have some in mind I can send you a draft order with the prices?

Betty Brady

18.09.2016 10:12

Could you please advise price for Juicy Rumour; Amy's Flower'Antiquity an Gentle on the Eye. And do you post these. I live in Griffith and rarely get to Wagga these days.


19.09.2016 07:13

Hello Betty,
You have picked some special ones- Juicy Rumour is $12, Amy flower $20 antiquity $9 and gentle on the eye $25. I use Amy flower on all my stationary - has such a perfect flower. Annett


20.03.2016 03:24

What a wonderful web page! Well Done!!


05.10.2016 14:47

Thank you Sue - I don't know if I replied before - if not sorry - nice to have your encouragement


22.09.2016 02:36

Thank you - will be back in October.


20.03.2016 21:05

Thank you Sue, I have hundreds more photos to re-size , name and add before October -


01.03.2016 09:49

I ordered some Iris in October. Got the note in the mail today about pick up. Order 60. Are you able to confirm which ones I ordered. Also is it too late to add a few more to the order. Thanks


01.03.2016 12:39

Hi Penny, You can still order more if you like - some are sold out but let me know what you like and if they are sold out I can recommend something close. My mobile is 0432777142 if you wish to call.

Marija McLean

15.01.2016 02:13

Hi Marija from Griffith, please send me your number and address . Cheers Marija McLean 0427648415


15.01.2016 07:12

M/y mobile is 0432777142 - nice to hear from you.


14.11.2015 09:26

So lovely to see you - thank you all for visiting - Definitely would love a reunion!!!

Robin May

14.11.2015 02:52

Hi Annette the old Primary Concepts ladies are here, can we come and look at your iris's today?
Late notice I know, give me a ring 0429 015 475
All the best Robin May


Is there any chance that you ship to Tasmania? Thank you


22.10.2015 08:56

22.10.2015 12:42

Hi Kerry I will have to look into what restrictions there are.

Judith Caldow

05.10.2015 18:04

Could you please advise cost of your iris plants and when they are on sale, thank you


06.10.2015 07:39

Hello Judith, you can start ordering any time - prices range fro $7 to $50 with most between $7 and $15. New releases are most expensive. Go to the tab Iris A to see the main list for 2015.

Di Cox

05.10.2015 08:00

Our NSW.Annual Iris Show will be held at Blackheath on Sat./Sun. 24/25th October at Blackheath Community Hall.

NNicole taylor



29.09.2015 12:17

18.09.2015 22:18

love Iris love the colours and so many of them


12.07.2015 03:47

Hello Annette, hope you remember me from way back when I started up Grow Me Instead for NGINA. Congratulations on developing your passion to such a high standard. Your web site is delightful! Elwyn

Shirley Durigo

03.11.2014 11:04

Annette your website is fantastic! Congratulations on your Iris Farm and the great marketing you have put together!

Cheryl Richards

29.10.2014 11:42

This is great Annie. Well done it is great that all if your hard work has come to fruition with such spectacular beauty. Will see you Saturday


24.10.2014 13:33

Looking forward to seeing the results of your endeavours. Hope it goes really well - the photos are beautiful!

Susan gardiner

14.10.2014 05:24

Hi i am ross's wife susan. I will get him to bring me across for your open day.

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26.11 | 22:37

Hi Tracy, yes I am open the first 2 weekend in December - mainly for Daylilies however I have lots of purple iris and a full colour list you can look at - c u soon Annette

26.11 | 22:32

Hi Annette, I have only found your beautiful farm. I might be late but do you have any purple iris. Is your farm open on weekends. Thanks heaps.

12.11 | 12:05

Hi Gloria, I will send you an email - best wishes Annette

12.11 | 12:04

Hello Wren
I will email you - if you want to send a wish list just reply to the email - You cant really do this on the website. Cheers Annette