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Email 29. Oct, 2022


Hello, do you have a tall bearded iris called 'Life of Riley'? Or anything with the name Riley in it? I would love to put one in our memorial garden for our dog that recently passed. Many thanks

Email 11. May, 2022

Narelle Heiniger

Do you have any tall bearded Iris available? If so, do you have a list of those? Many thanks. Narelle

Email 8. May, 2022

Debbie Harris

I have put an order in for $804 for tall bearded irises. It want take my address of 554 Telford-Yarrawonga road, Telford. Victoria, 3730. My name is Debbie Harris. My email is

Email 26. Nov, 2021

Elaine Schulze

Hi. Can I please have a list? My address is 8 Burges Lane Broadford vic 3658. Elaine Schulze.

Email 22. Oct, 2021

Jo McCalman

Hi Looking for pale pink iris to put in clumps in my garden for my daughter’s wedding September 30 next year. Do you recommend a tall bearded iris that is soft pink & will flower @ that time. Also a nice tall white. Many thanks 0408819474 Jo

Email 18. Oct, 2021

Mel Dowton

Hi please add me to your mailing list

Email 29. Aug, 2021

Dennis Christy

Do you ship to the United states

Email 15. Jul, 2021

Merelyn Cox

Hi Annette

Im just wondering if you do wish lists for your tall bearded irises. Thanks Merelyn

Email 23. Apr, 2021

Dennis Christy

Do you ship to the United states

Email 28. Oct, 2020

Beth Barton

Is your farm suitable for an electric wheelchair with a heavy passenger?

Email 8. Oct, 2020

Leyla Johnson

Could I please have a catalog, if you send me an email I will reply with an address

Thank you

Email 29. Sep, 2020

Marion Olrick

Am l able to have a catalog sent to me please 1812 Petersham Road Leeton NSW 2705

Email 16. Jun, 2020


Hi Tina, I emailed you - did you get my email?

Email 14. Jun, 2020

Tina moore

If I order now when will I receive my irises?

Email 12. Dec, 2019


Review: This time around I'm working to a specific colour scheme, with the different heights and bloom times Annette was very helpful in offering me choices by sending multiple photo's of the irises - some not listed, eventually sorting out the ones I
bought - she just never stops trying and she is flexible as to sending them as my garden bed is not ready, many thanks for your patience.

Merry Christmas Annette, God bless.

Latest comments

26.11 | 22:37

Hi Tracy, yes I am open the first 2 weekend in December - mainly for Daylilies however I have lots of purple iris and a full colour list you can look at - c u soon Annette

26.11 | 22:32

Hi Annette, I have only found your beautiful farm. I might be late but do you have any purple iris. Is your farm open on weekends. Thanks heaps.

12.11 | 12:05

Hi Gloria, I will send you an email - best wishes Annette

12.11 | 12:04

Hello Wren
I will email you - if you want to send a wish list just reply to the email - You cant really do this on the website. Cheers Annette