About us

Riverina Iris Farm was officially started in October 2013 and the first display beds for saleable iris were established in our paddock in March 2014. 

I am inspired by my elderly mother Mary's love of Tall Bearded Irises. In 2013 I created an iris garden for her in our front yard. It did not take long for me to become hooked and the decision was made to turn a hobby into a business and to turn our paddocks into iris beds.

It is early days however we already have more than 1500 varieties in every colour including many new releases. The irises are laid out in 3 alphabetical beds each with over 400 varieties in each. The majority are Tall Bearded Irises with a small selection of Median, Dwarf and Border Iris and a few unusual varieties. We also have about 200 daylilies however these will only be available in limited numbers, with some available in pots at the open gardens.

We would love to meet you and share this beautiful drought hardy plant with you. Contact us to visit by appointment during our open days. You will find us in Lake Albert on the edge of Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia.  

Open garden

my mum's famous florentines

my mum's famous florentines

Open days will be from 14th October to 29th Octobber, 2023 by appointment depending on the COVID situation. We have acquired more early flowering varieties and a limited number will flowers earlier in October with the dwarfs. Call for an appointment to view these 0432777142, (Open 10 am to 4 pm during this period and other times by appointment)

If things go to plan we will provide morning / afternoon teas (by donation) on the weekends this year.  This is our way of supporting important charities and this year and my Mum has chosen once again to support the Adopt a Koala program at the Port Macquarie Hospital.

  • 2014 we raised $140 for Relay for Life and Beyond Blue 
  • 2015 we raised almost $600 for the Riverina Referral Hospital Emergency Dept & ICU
  • 2016 we raised $1200 and have purchased equipment for Cardiac rehab 
  • 2017 we raised $600 divided between the hospital and the Ambulance Service. 
  • 2018 and 2019 we raised $1010 each year for the buy a bale appeal.
  • 2020/21 Small donations for the Koala Hospial as we couldn't provide morning teas.
  • 2022 Donations for the Port Macquarie Koala Hospial 
  • Thank you to our customers for your generosity to these wonderful causes. 

I would love to show you around however I still work full time off-farm so I can only show you around if you have made an appointment and I really hope you have been COVID vaccinated to protect my elderly Mother.

International database

There are more than 60,000 Tall Bearded Iris varieties. The following website lists many varieties and their breeding details, year of release and phototgraphs.


Preparing to plant iris

To achieve quality flowers irises prefer to be planted in very sunny positions.
Prepare your soil by digging it over and if it is on the heavy side add some sand and gypsum as rhizome can rot in heavy soils. If the bed is higher than the surrounding garden it will drain better.
Iris don't like competition so remove any weeds or vigorous ground covers that will compete.
Don't plant close to plants that have a high water requirement as your iris will most likely suffer from over watering.


Plant your rhizome about 20-25 cm apart (8 to 12 inches).
In Australia's hot conditions it is best to plant rhizome with a very thin layer of soil covering the rhizome. Do not plant too deep or too shallow.
Water a few times until they settle in and natural rainfall occurs.
Do not mulch. Over watering and mulch sitting on the rhizomes is the greatest risk to rhizome rot.

Ongoing maintenance

Fertilise with a low-nitrogen fertiliser approximately one month after blooms have finished and again about 6 weeks before the next flowering.
Water sparingly - don't over water.
Trimming iris is not essential other than to tidy up your garden and remove any leaves that are diseased or damaged. Trim more harshly rhizome that are being re-planted.
Dividing clumps every two to three years improves flowering. If you do not want to dig up and divide, remove a % of rhizome from the clump and plant elsewhere. Remember the old rhizome do not re-flower so from time to time thin them out of the clump.

Kind regards

Annette and Mary tenBroeke


Sheryl Kreil

19.10.2022 21:56

HI Annette, do you ship to Canada?


12.10.2022 12:27

I am wondering when you will have more Milk In My Coffee Iris available? Is there a waiting list?


12.10.2022 14:17

Hi Carmen - I have reserved one for you and sent you an email


12.10.2022 09:41

Hi Annette. I purchased a number of irises. They have not flowered yet and I can't remember what they look like. I don't want to double up on colours. Do you have a complete on-line photo gallery?


12.10.2022 14:16

Hi Gina, I have sent you photos of the ones you ordered I hope that helps


09.10.2022 22:01

Hi, I’d like mainly white, cream and blue if that’s possible? TB


09.10.2022 23:19

Hi Lucy - certainly is - have plenty in that colour range- do you want an Annie’s pick or order them individually - I am still updating what is available -

Mary Helen Quinn

16.06.2022 22:11

Can you ship to USA?

DM Angela

01.02.2022 17:04

When do you anticipate that your site will be open for ordering for 2022?
Thank you for responding, from DM


07.06.2022 12:28

I have just found your post - I have starting putting people's wish lists into my order book for 2022 season. I can send you a full colour price list if you like? A

tracy menzies

05.11.2021 23:43

hi i am after a song smith and i cant find anywhere else. could you let me know when you have more please


06.11.2021 00:39

Hi Tracy
Yes I have Songsmith - I believe I will have one available but will double check https://www.riverinairisfarm.com/411246599/product/4035870/songsmith?catid=447163

Nathalie Behen

31.10.2021 15:59

Quels engrais sont pauvres en azote ? Quel taux d'azote est accepté pour pouvoir dire que s'en est un pauvre en azote ?


31.10.2021 21:44

I can not read your language - sorry - can you please write it in English??

Robert & joy SHEPHERD

27.10.2021 06:39

Should I leave my small order until next year as most bulbs appear to be sold out. Thank you

Judy Scoullar

03.10.2021 04:00

I am after an iris called Ivory Castle and was wondering if you would have one for sale this season?

Amanda Werhan

30.01.2021 02:43

I am trying to find "Crystal Dawn" Iris. I found a reference with your name on the pic. Also one from Sunshine Iris Farm, however, I live in the United States. Do you know of any other resources?

Riverina iris Farm Annette Tenbroeke

02.02.2021 11:07

Hello Amanda, I just spotted your message on the website. there are many great iris growers in the US - Mid-American Iris, Schrieners, Suttons Iris , Keith Keppel, Crafton Hills to name just a few A


27.12.2019 21:03

Hi Annette & Mary, you talk about removing the old rhizomes as they don't re-flower. How do I tell which are the old rhizomes? Very new to Irises

Thank you so much. Sharon

Dolores Avram

31.07.2019 10:24

Do you ship to the US? I realize you are out of stock of My Sister Janet for this season but would like to get it next year. My sister, who was named Janet, died and I would dearly love to have thi

Natalia Ward

22.03.2019 02:45

Hi Annette,
I'm in WA, East Fremantle and looking for some Bearded Iris bulbs - blues, 6 of approx 40cm high. Was told to get Iris Germanica. no one in Perth has any to sell. Appreciate your help


23.03.2019 20:39

Hello Natalie - I am happy to help. Can you please send me a normal email as I can only write a few words here.here.annette.tenbroeke@bigpond.com

Annette Tenbroeke

19.11.2018 21:56

Hello Deborah, love to send u a catalogue - please let me know your postal address - I have 2 orders to go to Tasmania late January when I can organise quarantine requirements

Deborah von Stieglitz

18.11.2018 23:54

I lived in Wagga, Coolamon and Bectric area for 25 years and was always impressed with how well the irises did in the Riverina. Am now back in Tassie and they do just as well here. Catalogue please.

anne bailey

28.12.2017 09:26

hi there . we want to order around 40 irises. does payment come out at the time of sending items or as soon as order goes in?


28.12.2017 10:15

Hello Anne. I prefer to dig in March when I can take leave so they need to be paid for by the end of January- where are u - can u please message me on my phone - 0432777142

warren semmens

15.09.2015 11:30

wonderful page Annette look faward to seeing your garden soon.

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26.11 | 22:37

Hi Tracy, yes I am open the first 2 weekend in December - mainly for Daylilies however I have lots of purple iris and a full colour list you can look at - c u soon Annette

26.11 | 22:32

Hi Annette, I have only found your beautiful farm. I might be late but do you have any purple iris. Is your farm open on weekends. Thanks heaps.

12.11 | 12:05

Hi Gloria, I will send you an email - best wishes Annette

12.11 | 12:04

Hello Wren
I will email you - if you want to send a wish list just reply to the email - You cant really do this on the website. Cheers Annette